Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Freedom Gift

So, I have been working on quite a few things in the past week. One is a freedom gift for my friend Ryan. Freedom gift... explanation. In my household we have a thrall system. You are bid on for a certain number of hours of service. When these hours are finished you are given a freedom gift. I have been planning this for almost a year. I have gone the early period route for Ryan.The fabric is a sage green cotton, the trim bands area linen/cotton blend. The embroidery is done in a deep green and pale blue. I plan on putting trim on the sleeves, it is still up in the air as to if the rest of the trim will be on the neck or bottom hem. I might do both and make it a court tunic. I have a few other things to add to his wardrobe. another over tunic, 2 under-tunics, some pants, and a coat. Hopefully he likes all I have done. I have a few pictures to share and I hope for some comments.

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