Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Still Alive

So I am still here, alive and kicking. I have been in the states working on wedding plans/clothing. -pictures to follow shortly- So most of the wedding party is done, Yippiee. I have to still make my dress. But if you consider how much handwork has gone into me gown I have gotten a lot done. My mom (thank you!!!) has been working on the hand beading for my trim. It is only a little 12 yards chunk that needs a pearl about every inch or so. If she isn't completely blind by the end of it I will be amazed. The gown will be beautiful, I know that. I should also give a big thank you to the Gathering Grove in everett. It is the coolest coffee shop EVER! Steve lets me sit in there on wednesdays working on my handsewing and email all day on thursdays. Only for a small fee of a couple of drinks. I love it. I will have to give him a picture of my smaock when it is finished so he can stt how creative I get in his shop. Personally I think it is the chai.
I will plaster my blog with picutres as soon as I dump them off my camera.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Heading Home

So I am going to be heading back to the states tomorrow. I am excited and nervous. I have a list a mile long to work on for the wedding, if I get half of it done I will be amazed. But I also get to see my friends and family, spend mother's day with mom and go to Eva and Andy's B-day parties. The boy is planning on coming down with his family for the long weekend. That is another matter, we are having the official meet and greet with my family. I hope everyone gets along and there are no disagreements about wedding plans. We shall see.