Sunday, March 29, 2009


So the cuffs are almost done and I have about 5 pearls left to put on the collar. I had a great time at the local SCA group's meet and greet. Re-met some old friends and made some new. Diring the meeting I met the nicest lady who will help me witht he corset for my weddign dress. YIPPIEEEEE! Now I can put the Costco bottle of Advil away. It seems that everythign is going well exceptfor the corset. I am a little more lumpy that curvy so fitting one by your self is difficult. I hope to thave it done within a month or so.
I think I volunteered to head up the costumers guild here too. GAH! Do you know how hard it is to pry your foot out of your mouth. Nut I think I will try to do it. It will give me something to do and I really enjoyed planning classes.
So I will post more picutres tomorrow when I get the things done. I will also incluse the cuffs for Jay's shirt. I am proud, he picked out the pattern himself.

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