Sunday, March 29, 2009


So the cuffs are almost done and I have about 5 pearls left to put on the collar. I had a great time at the local SCA group's meet and greet. Re-met some old friends and made some new. Diring the meeting I met the nicest lady who will help me witht he corset for my weddign dress. YIPPIEEEEE! Now I can put the Costco bottle of Advil away. It seems that everythign is going well exceptfor the corset. I am a little more lumpy that curvy so fitting one by your self is difficult. I hope to thave it done within a month or so.
I think I volunteered to head up the costumers guild here too. GAH! Do you know how hard it is to pry your foot out of your mouth. Nut I think I will try to do it. It will give me something to do and I really enjoyed planning classes.
So I will post more picutres tomorrow when I get the things done. I will also incluse the cuffs for Jay's shirt. I am proud, he picked out the pattern himself.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hark, hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings,
And Phoebus 'gins arise,
His steeds to water at those springs
On chaliced flowers that lies;
And winking Mary-buds begin
To ope their golden eyes:
With everything that pretty is,
My lady sweet, arise!
Arise, arise!

From Cymbeline
W. Shakespeare

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not Sleepy

So I am having one of THOSE weeks. I can't sleep. I lay down and shut my eyes and think I have been there forever getting a little sleep, nope about 15 minutes have gone by. So I decided that is I wasn't going to sleep I will do something constructive with my extra time. So I have finished on embroidery project that was rescued from the bottom of my "get it done someday box" and have been working on another wedding project. The one from the box was a needle book I began a month or two ago. I put it aside when things got busy and forgot about it. Well it looks like I will have it for this eventing season. the other is the sleeve cuffs for my smock for my wedding dress. I highly doubt that they will ever be seen, but I will know that it is there and that makes me happy. Took a couple of pictures before the camera battery died. Hope you like. So it is 3:45 am and I think I will have a cuppa tea and do a bit more embroidery.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I have recently poked my nose into a wonderful book, again. I would suggest it to anyone. Confessions of a Pagan Nun by Kate Horsley. Set in the sixth century, Gwynneve, a nun at the monastery of Saint Brigit writes her memoirs.. It was one of those books that painted a full picture for me. When I finished it I just had to sit for a few moments and reflect.

After that i re-discovered a fabulous book on one of my boxes. Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves: women in classical antiquity by Sarah B. Pomeroy. It is amazing and opened me to areas of study I hadn't thought of before. Ancient female poets and lyricists I have begun to search for and admire. Of all of them Sappho, born in approx. 600 BC on the island if Lesbos. Not many pieces of her work remain intact. There is mostly fragments of her work along with others.

In the first century BC, Antipater of Thessalonica, wrote a catalogue of the most respected and famous women poets, whom he called the nine earthly muses. The nine were: Praxilla, Moero, Anyte, Erinna, Telesilla, Korinna (or Corinna), Nossis, Myrtis, and Sappho. Each scrap of writing I uncover by these women the more amazed I am of their abilities.

I am more tremulous than shaken reeds,
And love has made me like river water.

Thy voice is as the hill-wind over me,
And all my changing heart gives heed, my lover.

Before thy least lost murmur I must sigh,
Or gladden with the as the sun-path glitters.

Have you ever had one of those images that you can look at again and again. Each time I see this one it makes me think. it is a stone in a retaining pool of a fountain in Seattle. Taken on a beautiful day.
Well I finished a nice week home with mom. Shopping for the wedding and visiting family. So far so good, everything is going well. I cam home to plenty of work, cooking, cleaning, and helping my flatmate's sister with her wedding. So all of her things will be ready for delivery by Easter and I will only have mine to worry about. It seems my life in entirely dictated by sewing projects. Good thing the weather is so yucky I have no desire to go outside.

As a side project I have been designing a crocheted blanket. Hope to put up pictures soon. Just need to finish the directions and the border.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Just a few pictures of my trip to mom's. I am thinking of taking her advice and taking a photography class. Maybe someday

It Has Begun

So I have had a lovely trip to the states to visit my mum. Most of the shopping for the wedding is done I just have to get started on all the sewing. Luckily I have been able to work on the embroidery part for the last few days. i should have the partlet finished by Friday and be able to begin on the rest of the dress. Pictures to follow as soon as I get batteries in the camera.