Monday, November 24, 2008

Hat Part 2

Well, I have finished the first pattern on the hat. It took me about 15 hours. After some study I decided to put a black outline around the patterns, much better looking. So I have gone though and added a border to all the patterns. This is the first one that is complete. i think it looks great. One down and Five left to go. I hope I can get them all doe by January so I can gift it to my Head of House. I think he is going to flip.


So I finally finished one of my on going projects. It is a hood of light weight burgundy wool with hand embroidered appliques. They are embroidered on than wool with teal silk in a split stitch. The hood is sewn by hand in black silk thread. I love this it is light weight and I can wear it at most events without getting too hot. Now I am thinking about making hand wrapped buttons to close up the front instead of my clasp. Will have to think more on it.

This is a close up of the applique. I stitched the pattern, then applied it to the hood. I was thinking of putting an edging around it, the jury is still out on that one.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moving With Cats

I have commented on the joys of packing with cats. The really are wonderful creatures but when the decide to assist you it can be...a test on your sanity. Like when his Lordship Chubby (yes, Chubby is his name) decided to help me pack. I think this was during the first hour of inspecting the quality of the suitcase i was using. I still don't know if it passed his test but he was very unhappy when i decided to end his inspection early. It was even better when the two decided to take up an upper management position and view
from afar. As long as the basket wasn't moved, wiggles, touched, or breathed at everything was fine. It is soooo nice to know that i will have this quality of help the next time I move, and some wondered about the Nyquil comment.

New Project

So, I have been working on a new project. An Embroidered hat. It is a gift for my head of house, hopefully he likes it. It is based on a pattern of a torque from Champagne France from the 4Th-3rd century BC. The first image is the basic outline with the outline of the pattern piece done in running stitch. The second is about 10 hours into the embroidery. It is done in DMC embroidery wool on a light coating wool in split-stitch. The finished hat will have two motifs in white, two in grey, and two in black. I am going through thread faster than i thought i would. The embroidery wool is thin and it stretches. I hope to start on the grey by Tuesday. Will posy more pictures then.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Relax and have some C offee

So I spent part of my evening out on the deck having a cuppa and doing the most amazing thing. Watching children play...outside! No wii was involved, no video games. Just a bunch of boys playing baseball. What was even more amazing to me was that many of them didnt even speack the same language. But they were all still sout there together and havign fun. One can't help but to ponder if their choises of playmates will remain the same as they grow older.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Finally moved into new home. Insert happy zen like music here. No Nyquil was not used to tame small clawed beast, but a large bag of kitty nibbles was. Boxes are daunting, cats are hissing fluffballs until they admit they like eachother. Now if I can only get my living room back from the clutches of the evil flat cardboard deamon life would be great. Tomorrow we finish this un-packing battle and win the war.

The next big quest. Find the very safe place i put my slippers so I can wear them.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When you need to laugh

Some days you need to listen to them and others you need to stick you fingers in your ears and scream at the top of your lungs
Looking at my life being packed away in boxes yet again. It make me reflect on many things. Mainly one thought goes through my head. How in the HELL did i get all of this crap into on room. One of the unknown mysteries of the universe. I think i have come to a conclusion. There is a temperal displacement within each woman's closet. You never see the back of it you just know that there is enough room for a few more things. Then when it comes time to move. BOOM!!!! You see the reality of it. You are a pack rat and you need more boxes. Well this pack rat is almost fully comtained.... now to pack the last item. 1 cat with very sharp claws. Pack Rat is thinking Nyquil in the kibble.
Annoyance with living with liars and freeloaders. You make and attempt to do something nice for someone and it bites you in the ass. I makes you fell as though you shouldn't try to see the better side of people. But now that i am armed with knowledge it make me wiser, and the freeloader... well to put it nicely. White Trash