Sunday, October 11, 2009

Part 2 from last night/this morning

So I achieved sleep, kind-of and after a lovely breakfast debate he has chosen the official "you will copy these" pictures. I cant wait.
The first on is a slashed doublet made of silk. I will be making it in a dark gray faux suede. Not period i know but hey, it's free and in my stash. I will line it with a bright blue silk (also ala stash) so the blue shows through the slashes. I think that some hand made buttons and I think he will be good. Since this has to be legal for rapier fighting i will make a pair of venetian style breeches to go with it. I don't have enough of the gray fabric so they will probably be black. (m'love is a medieval johnny cash) I hae to admit though I do like the color combo if these trews. I might just copy them.

The second piece is a from a little earlier, Italian style. I found a fresco titled Constantines'
Dream. I love the look of it and I believe that if i made a lighter weight doublet and trews he could wear them under this. It looks, to me anyway, that could function as a robe or a coat. So the colors are a lovely deep navy blue linen blend for the main part of the coat with matching fabric buttons. Since the lining is visible I decided to make it scarlet red. I thought it would be lovely. The sash belt will also be of the navy linen, I hope. I just need to find the right shade of scarlet to line it with, luckily there is a fabric store not far away. I hope i linked the right picture so you can blow it up to see the detail. It is a truly beautiful piece.

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