Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sooooooooo. It has been a while since I have gotten on here and posted something. Quite a few things have been happening since i was last on. Most important of them is that I am now married. Yippieeeeeee! Hold on.............. had to do the happy happy joy joy dance around my computer.
I will upload some picture as soon as I get them from the photographer.

In other news I last posted that I was trying to enter the iron dress contest. Well, I put in my bid about 1 day to late so I was unable to enter. All the more time for me to plan about next year. Since you have to use what is in your stash I can completely root through all my fabrics and see what all is there instead of grabbing something off the top layer. I have to clean my stuff out of mom's garage for me to officially move so there will be much rooting.

I did discover something that I think I will be taking on though. It seems like something I would like to do since I am at home most of the time. This was the part of the email I copied.

Lady Albreda Aylese of the Mountain Freehold in the East Kingdom has issued forth this challenge to all Knowne World Artisans. She has challenged us to undertake the making of 50 things by the Society’s 50th Anniversary (2015 by current reckoning). She has made knownthree approaches the Depth Challenge, which is to simply make 50 things from your favorite art or science. The Breadth Challenge tocomplete 50 things from a variety of arts and sciences. Finally, the Persona Challenge to undertake 50 things that your Persona wouldhave done/made. There is also an option for a group to complete the challenge together. If we wanted the guild could participatetogether, or we can participate individually. Any Guild specific challenge projects can be completed for this challenge as well!

50 may seem like a daunting number, but can definitely be accomplished in the time allowed. Your challenge items must be madebetween 1 May 2007 and 1 May 2015, that’s 8 years! Surely we all complete 6-7 projects each year. If you are looking to push yourself in a particular area or to learn new arts this is a way to accomplish that goal!

Those who are interested in more information may consult the A&S Challenge home page. I would encourage everyone who will be participating in the challenge to join the Blog community and make yourselves known!

So I have to join that blog community and work my little behind off. I will enter the planning stages and post what i intend to do soon.

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