Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1 AM

So it is now approx. 1:30 am and I can barely keep my eyes open. I have been planning on making my lord a new fencing doublet for yule. DO YOU THINK I CAN DO THAT... Noooooooo. He is always curious about what I am making and love to watch me sew or doing embroidery. (handwork of garb is how I pass the time when he is playing video games) So I had to lie through my teeth, say I was going to sleep early and as soon as I knew he was asleep, get up and sew. Now the issue is that the machine rattles the table and makes a ton of noise. Sooo i am posting this out of sleep deprived annoyance. I will just sit on the couch and work on it by had, it's easier to do the padding that way. When it gets to look like a piece of clothing and not a pile of fabric i will post a picture. Until then I had better get some more work done before he wakes and discovers I am not there.

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Heather WL said...

Any luck since then?