Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Costume Plans..I am nuts

So i know I have a wedding to finish, but I am planning on making a new outfit. The 2009 "Iron Dress" Competition for Margo's Patterns is on again. I think with all the crap I have I can pull this off. The rules are simple. As of July 1 you have until September 15 to make a dress using on of Margo's patterns. You have to use fabric in your stash only and have $25.00 to get any extras; trim, a little extra fabric and what not. Also if one of the items is entirely hand made you get the iron needle award. So I think I will go for the whole thing.

Sooooo this is the plan.

Pattern: Margo's Elizabethan loose gown, closed front with short sleeves.

Fabric: stuff left over from the wedding and whatever I can get from my stash. Thinking of Black dress with a white underdress.

Handmade Items: Embroidered sleeves (similar to some portraits seen) in blackwork or red work with cuffs, also I will need buttons for the dress, i think about 40 of them. So that will mean going crazy making those.

Good thing I have plenty of time.I will start on the buttons asap and graph out the sleeve pattern when I get back to the states. The rest is simple sewing. I will have a photo update as soon as I can. Wedding stuff included in that. I have to finish arguing with my camera and convince it to work properly.

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