Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moving With Cats

I have commented on the joys of packing with cats. The really are wonderful creatures but when the decide to assist you it can be...a test on your sanity. Like when his Lordship Chubby (yes, Chubby is his name) decided to help me pack. I think this was during the first hour of inspecting the quality of the suitcase i was using. I still don't know if it passed his test but he was very unhappy when i decided to end his inspection early. It was even better when the two decided to take up an upper management position and view
from afar. As long as the basket wasn't moved, wiggles, touched, or breathed at everything was fine. It is soooo nice to know that i will have this quality of help the next time I move, and some wondered about the Nyquil comment.

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